Ask the Roofer

All your questions answered about picking a new roof, and having repairs and maintenance.

You can have a slate or a tiles on a pitched roof. There is artificial slate which is the cheaper option, or we can do natural slate which is a little bit dearer but they last a lot longer. You can have a clay tile or a concrete tile on a pitched roof, price varies. But clay tiles are the more expensive option.

To do a new roof depending on the size, is roughly 4 days with our team. We can get it done quicker but it’s safer to estimate around 4 days for a 3-sided roof. Anything bigger, add couple of days extra.

Material-wise we are required to use fire treated pressure battens. Everything has to be fire regulated. We use spandex breathable felt so it prevents the roof from sweating. And we can help the customer pick from a choice of tile.

Victorian houses normally have cast iron gutters, so most people like to keep the cast iron. Cast iron is a lot more expensive than uPVC, but it’s becoming more common to change to cast iron look alive uPVC for customers who want to keep to a budget. You can also get uPVC in types of styles and colours.

We guarantee all new roofs with our 30-year guarantee. Any new fascia, soffits and gutters are 15 years.

Sometimes you will have to install drip trays depending on the pitch of the roof flashings. If the lead has not split then the flashings are ok. However, if the lead is split then we have to replace the lead flashing. When there is an issue, nine times out of ten the leads are ok, so we can apply product over the top to give it a new life.

New roofs nowadays have a dry laid system, so you don’t have any cement work. most cement work has to be repaired every 10 to 15-years when there are maybe cracks here and there. But nowadays we use the dry laid system which is a sticky membrane that goes over the tiles and then we screw the ridge tiles into the main hip so you haven’t got to worry about any cement whatsoever.

When installing a new roof, on the first visit we will pull up with our skips. the skips will get dropped off. my team will strip the roof. one skittle have complete tiles the other skip will have felt and batten. and we also allow for 4-5 rafters if needed when stripping and roof. once we have stripped the roof we treat the beams with wood preserver to prevent any rot and mould. and then we will install our new spandex breathable felt with our fire and pressure treated blue battens. Once that’s installed then we will install tiles.

Once the tiles are on then we’ll put the dry laid system ridges on. Everything then gets a clean and is washed down, including the gutters. Then we have a window cleaner come and clean yours and your neighbours windows because of dust generated from the work. Also when we are on the job, using scaffolding, when scaffolding is erected you won’t get charged extra if scaffolding is needed for longer – once the scaffolding is up it’s there for as long as we need it.

Finally, we give the roof a once-over assessment and make sure everything is assured. We also will give the chimney an inspection and let the customer know if anything else needs doing.